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Snap On Smile

  • change your smile with no drilling
  • great for the dental phobic
  • make a whiter smile and close spacing or straighten teeth instantly

Snap on smile serves as a noninvasive restorative option as well as a diagnostic appliance. If you can not decide on the treatment you really want or can not afford those veneers or crowns, then snap on smile will let you take your smile for a test drive at a fraction of the cost of major treatment. It is a great option for those afraid of treatment, medically comprised or too young for reconstructive treatment. Patients with this appliance report an immediate boost to their confidence and self-esteem. Most are impressed with the natural look of the Snap on Smile and thrilled at the short amount of time invested.


What is Snap-on Smile?
It is a removable dental appliance that requires no prepping or injections. It is flexible and very strong and expands over patient's teeth. It can be worn all day even while you eat.

What is it made of?
The appliance is made of a crystallized acetyl resin, which allows it to be made as this a .5mm . It can have different thicknesses in different areas. It is durable, resists stains from all foods and drinks.

Can it be customized?
The appliance can be made it most colors and shapes for the teeth. It can cover just a section of teeth or the whole arch.

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